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Stories - Timeline Diary is an app that lets you keep a beautiful, elegant, and perfectly organized diary. Each entry you add fits into a daily timeline, so a simple glance is all you need to find any specific entry.

When adding new entries to Stories - Timeline Diary you have a wide variety of possibilities. You can add your location, a photograph, or simply a block of text. On top of that, you can choose a specific category or state of mind for each entry. That way you can quickly and easily filter through your entries. There is even a breakdown of the changes in your mood over many days.

One of the biggest benefits to Stories - Timeline Diary is that it lets you create 'books' of your experiences. To do so, you just have to choose the days you want to make into a book and give it a title. That way, for example, you can keep all of the entries from a vacation in the same place, perfectly organized with whatever photos you want to add.

Stories - Timeline Diary is a great diary app with an elegant and accessible interface, along with a ton of useful features. And just in case, the app comes with the ability to protect your diary's contents with a security pattern, PIN, or fingerprint. That way you can make sure that only you have access to your diary.
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Requires Android 5.0 or higher